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More Recent Sketches

Feb 19, 2015


Hey there. 

I've been up to few different projects at the moment,

so posting on here hasn't exactly been the highest of priorities. 

However, If all goes well, I'll be having some work featured in a couple of zines

that some friends of mine are putting together!

More details to come!

For now, here's some sketches from my current book, drawn a few months ago. 

Category: sketches - Tags: penandink, Markers, Wordstuff

This is Strange: Part One

Feb 1, 2015


Krappy Super Bowl day to you sports fans out there. 

I'm not celebrating the occasion by posting the first installment of this wonderful comic.

Not too long ago, I found a small comic pamphlet lying on the pavement while on my way to work.  The original story wasn't very funny at all, so I made a few changes. 




Category: appropriated-material - Tags: christian, comics, religion

Comics from the Bay Window

Jan 22, 2015

Back in my community college days in Muskegon, Michigan, I was a regular contributor to the school newspaper, The MCC Bay Window.  Here's a few selections from the many comics I made over the course of my time there.   

Category: comics - Tags: college, mccbaywindow