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Collaborative Comic Fun

  My super creative and super cool friend/neighbor Tavo Montavo and I put this weird thing together a while ago. If craft jewelery and handmade panties are your jam, Tavo has a kickass Etsy shop that is definitely worth your time. 


    Tavo and Grant ask the deep questions  

Drought Conservation!

  Let's all do our part and conserve water, so we can use it for important things like hydraulic fracking and bottled water!!  We're in the middle of a drought afer all. 

More Drought Conservation!

  Yes, we've been getting some rain, BUT FOR HOW LONG???  Stop doing your dishes and start saving water today!

Another Public Service Announcement

  The Drought ain't over, so I made another.  Let's all do our part and conserve that H20 for more important things like factory farms. 

Oogle Rock

  In retrospect, this gag is a bit redundant.  Much like Oogles, the Fraggles live in a squat, lead a carefree existence, and garner their wisdom and subsistance from a trash pile.